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Technology is consistently changing and with these changes come new ways for the media to market their audiences. So the way we use technology is changing. Rewind just a couple years ago and web browsing was expensive and incredibly slow; more people used their computers to search on the internet. Now we have smartphones that make this task even more easier than it was before and we can browse practically at any location that has service. We look at iMessages sending as text messages as an inconvenience when a few years ago instant messaging services were not available on cellphones. I think that the relationship that Warner Brother has with it’s fans is basically free advertising for their product. Fans were making fan pages, music, and art and sharing these with the world. There have been issues with copyright infringement under these circumstances, especially with the Harry Potter phenomenon, but if you really look at what is happening you will see free marketing. 

Personally, I think that the internet serves a great purpose, especially for fans. When I was younger I would always visit fan pages on my latest celebrity crush and be able to talk to others that shared the same ideas. It helped me stay connected with the celebrities too and I was even fortunate enough to meet my idols. This wouldn’t have been possible for me without the internet, unless I was a huge groupie. This even has me questioning what life was like for fans without the internet. My mom told me a story of how every Friday night her and her friends would wait outside the recording studio of a radio station to talk to the jockeys and celebrities. I love how the movie discusses this change because not many people can see this drastic difference between before and after the internet. 



Hello bloggers! This week we will be discussing my final project, yet again, because I want to inform you what has been going on. So as mentioned before my group has chosen to do a short skit about why and how career services at Rutgers is right for you! In doing so we are planning on using my group member’s roommate and interview her by incorporating her into our skit. Instead of using a traditional interview questionnaire we are planning on using more casual dialogue between her and my group member Kelly. I don’t want to spoil too much, but in the beginning of the video we are going to have Kelly getting yelled at by her mom for not getting started on the internship hunt. Then we are going to have Kelly’s roommate explain her experience with career services and how Kelly should get stated on her internship hunt. We are going to have b-roll shots of the career service locations and a one on one counseling session.

Some hurdles the group has come into so far mainly deal with finding a time where everyone is available. Luckily, our group is only three members, since one has yet to show up, which should make it easier to coordinate a time we can all gather and start filming. However, with our conflicting school schedules, and being that we all work, it has been extremely difficult for us to all meet up at the same time. One other problem we did have was when Kelly and I and met up to shoot b-roll. This was an issue because when we went into career services to get some b-roll footage of the office we were told we should have coordinated with the Melissa before coming in to shoot. They also would not understand that we wanted to shoot the old office and in the video address the location change. However, they did not want to hear it.

Some of the successes we did encounter have all recently came together. We now have access to Career Services footage which takes away from us actually having to record the video. We now can just download it and use pre shot footage! Another accomplishment is we finally found a day when we can all work on the video before the short Thanksgiving Day break! We can finally start shooting our video after a long week of complications!

Creative Commons

The image that I found is from another school’s career fair. This image would be used to demonstrate how career fairs work. This image could work in the video because it doesn’t have another schools name anywhere in the image. I think that this image would help students understand what a career fair is and how it could potentially help them with getting an internship or event getting a taste of what type of job they want to pursue. These fairs can help a student figure out what kind of career they want in the future. The only issue I do have with this image is that it might clash with other images from career fair that Rutgers has previously held, along with issues in copyright material.
I found two videos that I think my group could use in our project. The first video demonstrates why students should use careers services. It has some great B-roll footage that my video can use. It has shots of students meeting with advisors. This can be used if we are unable to meet with an advisor. We could do a voice over of the footage and explain why students should use career services at Rutgers. The second video I found that would be useful for the final project is linked here. This video has great B-roll footage from a networking event that we can use. These are some great videos that we do have access to.

A song I would like to use for the project would be the song “You Make My Dreams Come True” by Hal and Oates. I think it would be a fun song to put in the background of the career fair footage. It would make the video seem more interesting and it can relate to the video. In the Lessig piece I found it interesting how he compares the drastic differences between citing text and citing other material like images, video, and audio. I never looked at copyright issues in this way and I think he did a great job with his reasoning.



Group Projects! For the final I am looking forward to working with my group on our video for Career Services. In the video we will be promoting Rutger’s Career Services by providing information of how beneficial this advising is in getting internships and jobs. Although my group opted out of having a comedic sketch for promoting services I think that our direction will be very resourceful. And honestly, I’m really not all that funny. Anyway, we are going to use an interview of a student who used career services to successfully land her first internship and an interview with an advisor to overview the benefits of this service. As discussed in class, my group and I decided on shooting the video inside to make life easier on us. We have access to equipment that will help our shooting process that much easier. Since this video relies mostly on interviews, we will not need many props. I think the video will turn out great and give students the information that will help them succeed in their futures.

I am very satisfied with the turnout of my group’s story board. I think that its a great map of what has to be done and how to do it. This will definitely take the pressure off the group once it comes time to actually film everything. We will not need to worry about what scene we should do next because it is all planned. The only thing we really have to do before filming is writing a script which should not be too difficult because we already mapped out what is being discussed in the storyboard. At first when assigned the storyboard I did not see what was so important about it because the project does not seem too difficult where a storyboard is needed. But after making the storyboard I realized that this type of organization will only improve the quality of our video. Not only the quality of the content and the acting but also the quality of the footage. I understand now that this is assignment is intended to save ourselves time in the long run when we are stressed and trying to get the project completed and turned in. Overall, I love the path my group has chosen to take with the video and I think that this will make a great instructional video for students why career services is important.

Top 5 Blogs


Top 5 Blogs to Check Out!

Submissions due for our midterm projects were due this week so this blog post is going to discuss my favorite submissions of these midterm blogs. In addition to this I will also be discussing my own response about my midterm blog process by also referring to Hyde’s reading this week.

#5 http://marykatecriscuoloblog.wordpress.com/
The number 5 spot on my list is Mary-kate’s health and fitness blog! This blog is different from all the other blogs that I have seen. I think this blog is very beneficial and helpful for people, especially college students, because many forget about the importance of not only managing their weight but to be careful of what they eat. I really love the header of her blog, the quote is inspirational and the the image is well edited. I also find the content of the posts to be helpful and eye-catching. My favorite post title is “Big Mac..or Big Mistake?”. Overall, I think this blog demonstrates a great cause by making students aware of eating healthy foods.

#4 http://shoppingwithskylar.wordpress.com/
I am a sucker for shopping blogs and I think that Skylar did a fantastic job with her blog! The concept of the blog is to share favorite outfits and style tips with is effectively demonstrated. I have the same style that Skylar has so I found her blog to be very entertaining. I like how she put to different galleries on her blogs. One of the galleries has inspiration images of style and the second gallery has personal outfit images. I love how she puts the name of the article of clothing, the link, and the cost. Overall, I love the theme and the content of the blog. I would find myself checking this blog daily.

#3 http://earlyadoptersblog.wordpress.com/
What is better than an electronic blog? Its always interesting to see what is the next advancement in technology today. I found this blog to be very simple and well organized. I like the coding in the header of the blog. The content of the blog is the most important aspect of the blog. I loved the posts which is why it is my third favorite blog. I read into every post and found all of the posts interesting. The google car was the most interesting post. I never heard of this before, and without the video I probably wouldn’t believe it! Awesome job Bjorn!

#2 http://gottalovecable.wordpress.com/
The next spot on my list belongs to Breanna Johnson’s cable blog! Its an automatic like because she discuses my favorite show, New Girl. Besides that I love the theme and the overall concept of the blog. I always feel like I want to be able to watch more tv so this blog is an eye opener to what shows I should start watching. I love discussing shows I watch with other people so this blog creates a potential for discussion threads which I find to be very valuable. I thought he Emmy Awards link was very relevant to the blog and enriches the blog even more.

#1 http://sfmidterm.wordpress.com/category/site-news/
The best class blog has to belong to Samuel Fang, who introduces a very interesting blog called “The Rise of eSports”. I personally have no interest in this type of material but I know my boyfriend would love this type of blog along with other gamers. At first when I read the “About Us” page I thought this would just be your typical sports blog. I was wrong, it is a blog that discusses electronic sports, in other words gaming. This type of blog is different from other class blogs that I have seen. I think that this blog looks very professional and is well designed. I love the fonts and the color scheme that was used. The header looks extremely professional, and it suits the theme. The links and the “follow me” link to twitch further the credibility of this blog. Overall, job well done Samuel!

My midterm blog:
When introduced the idea of making an additional blog for our midterm projects I thought this was a pretty neat idea. It was so much fun working on my blog because I picked a theme that I found enjoyable and beneficial. My mom has been asking me to help promote her crafts and between work, school, and commuting I have not found the time to really help my mom out. With the midterm project I was able to combine both my responsibilities at home and school. It is an awesome feeling to no longer be nagged by her anymore! The project allowed me to also bond with her by taking pictures and doing crafts together it had filled in mother-daughter time that is not always available. Other than that aspect I had a great time designing my blog. I wanted to find a simple blog that demonstrated a professional theme by also maintaing an interest in the website. The second time around making a WordPress blog was far easier than the first time since I am familiar with all the tools. Personally, I like being creative by designing things. I took a lot of time with my video and my header because I knew those two components were going to be evaluated the most. Overall, I think I did a great job with my blog and I had a fun time putting work into it.

Moving forward, the final projects seem like they are going to be tedious but I like my group and I think it might not be so bad as it seems. The only issue that I have with this project is being on camera. Reflecting back to my audio and screencast postings, I hate recording myself. I can never stick to a script because I always find a way to mess it up. I hope my acting is cut to a minimal by using more personal interviews and success stories than an intensive acting script. Basically, I like being behind the camera than in front of it. If I have do all the editing myself I would rather because I enjoy editing. I have met most of my group and I think we are off to a good start. Hyde’s comments mentioning different people bringing different characteristics to the group will be beneficial to the group is definitely true. I think that small groups work better if you are not familiar with members because it allows the project to get done effectively and it can form new friendships.

Screencasting Struggles

This week’s lesson in digital media is focused on video editing with screencast. I found this particular assignment to be time consuming because you really have to prepare what you want to say before you make the video. I had a few notes to go by but every time I hit the record button I got nervous and messed up. I learned that I hate recording my voice with a passion which is why I cannot say that I particularly like my post. Instead of retaking each screencast I did one straight run through and edited out the pieces that I did not like. I found that a script would have been more beneficial because it would have helped me stay with in the time frame. Screencast was a very easy tool to use but it is not something that I found to be fun.

Since I have an apple computer I decided to just download the program instead of downloading flash because it was not working when I tried to download it. It took a short amount of time and it was very convenient. The only issue I with screencast was when I imported the final video to be edited it did not show the full screen edit and cut off the entire top half of the screen. I then had to go back and redo the entire screencast. Once I got a better frame for the video I was ready to begin my video editing. This process was also tedious because it required a lot of patience. It was hard to get certain parts to cut and fade in nicely. When I added transition it also messed up some of the audio in the videos. I tried adding a simple background song to help improve the video and make it a little less boring.
I think that screencast is a great tool, if you feel comfortable recording yourself. I know my younger brother loves watching other people play video games on youtube that use screencasts to make the videos. This tool can be used anywhere and is especially important for tutorials. Maybe if I had more interest in the topic I was screen-casting it would come more natural and be less painful than this video was to make. The Eportfolio can be found at: http://www.ashleyrlaws.com/index.html

The Adventures of Audio Editing

Hello bloggers! This week in all things digital media we look at audio editing. Since I have Macbook I used Garageband to create my audio piece above. I compiled my two favorite songs “State of Grace” by Taylor Swift and “Till the End of Time” by Dirty South. I found this to be extremely simple with Garageband. All of my songs were easily imported and the tools were easy to manage. I definitely went into this assignment thinking it would be extremely difficult and my expectations were wrong. I definitely feel that Audacity looked more complicated when we went over the basics in class last Monday compared to Garageband.

One part that I had found tedious was cutting or splitting the songs. I had picked out my favorite parts of the song just to give a preview, but did not use the entire song. It was a little difficult getting it to flow smoothly. I think that the splitting I had done with the first song, “State of Grace” flowed very well, in that you can’t really hear the change. However, the next song you can tell it skips a little, but it still has a flow. The worst part of this entire assignment was recording my voice. I was not looking forward to this part at all. In the end I think I did a nice job and it is not as embarrassing as I thought it would be. I chose to have more of an advertisement for my blog. I thought it gave it a more personal touch than just announcing what songs were being played. I think with a little bit more experience with editing audio I could sound more professional. This is a great tool to become familiar with especially since I would like to pursue public relations. Overall, I like the outcome of my podcast and I thought it was a fun assignment!

This week’s reading about the band the Minutemen is really inspiring. A trio was able to form a band and gain a small amount of fame on their own without being manufactured by a record label. This relates to this week’s assignment because the band was able to edit and produce their own music and make it sound the way they wanted it to. I think this is extremely important because many artist lose their artistic ability over their work because of label companies. I love how this band did not fall into this trap and still made it big enough to afford a living.

Editing with Pixlr

Image editing software used this week.

Image editing software used this week.

This week’s assignment was to design our own header for our blogs. This was to be done by merging any two photos together. At first I wanted to juxtaposition a fall tree and a spring tree and make the two trees fade into each other. I tried this and the blending tools on Pixlr were not all that great so it did not work out the way I wanted to. So, instead I took a vintage picture of a street in California and combine that with a vintage blue Volkswagen. I also wanted to put a new yellow Volkswagen but it did not look the way I wanted it to so I decided to get rid of it. The header does not really describe my personality but I just like the way the images look. I like the vintage theme that it presents as well as the faded colors. The background image is a street in California which is my favorite place. The Volkswagen is just a car I happen to like but not that I would ever get it because its too small for me.One of my few struggles was the computer I was editing these pictures on. It is extremely difficult and annoying to use a mouse pad versus a mouse. I was getting very frustrated because the mouse pad was causing me to make errors that I kept having to go back and fix.

Endless possibilities with editing

Endless possibilities with editing

The other complication I had was not with editing the pictures it was finding the pictures that I wanted to edit. It was annoying to click on a picture that had an authors name written across it. This portion of the assignment had taken me the longest. If I had to put a time on how long it took me to find pictures I would say about an hour. It was extremely difficult to find pictures that were large in size and also nice quality. I noticed this issue on Monday when we had first starting editing pictures on Pixlr. Other than that my skills with Pixlr are pretty good, its almost like a refresher because I haven’t been using editing programs in a while. So it basically is just freshening up my skills. I think that its a great free program and I am surprised I didn’t hear about it until this class.
In relation to the Coleman reading I believe that it is very relevant to this assignment. With the images that we had found on the internet we were able to take them and make it our own. These pictures are works of other people and we do not own the rights to these images that we had edited. This is just a small scale assignment of course, that does not do any harm. However, there are people that steal intellectual property all the time and it is a hundred percent illegal. Gabrielle Coleman discusses phreakers, hackers, and trolls. I had never heard of phreaking but I have heard of hacking and trolling. Coleman questions if trolling is a real crime or not and I say that it is! Trolling is especially popular with social media these days and I believe that it can affect many people. I know I asked this in last week’s blog because I had messed up which reading we were discussing. But, what are your feelings on Pixlr, copy rights, and Coleman’s article? Do you think trolling is a crime?

Blogs and other Internet Crimes

As I was making my new blog I couldn't help but compare it to Tumblr. I found that I like both but for two different reasons. This picture came from an article which compared the two websites.

As I was making my new blog I couldn't help but compare it to Tumblr. I found that I like both but for two different reasons. This picture came from an article which compared the two websites.

Blogging is something I think we are all mostly familiar with in this day and age of technology. I find that making this blog was extremely simple once I got the gist of using the website. Compared to other blogging websites I have used in the past, I think WordPress has more functions and capabilities that I love. I feel like I have more creativity with my blog than ever before. I definitely think that WordPress is similar to tumblr in many ways, but also very different in others. The customizing of the blog is definitely similar with the themes between the two, but there are more features available on WordPress than Tumblr. I feel WordPress is more professional than Tumblr. In relation to our first assignment reading about what Zines are, I see more potential for zines to exist on WordPress than on Tumblr blogs. Majority of the blogs on Tumblr focus on pictures rather than actual content. I see WordPress as a more professional blogging experience.

I found this picture through Google but the picture is actually from another person's blog.   This can be found at the following website: http://www.gabrielweinberg.com/blog/2011/08/why-i-blog.html

I found this picture through Google but the picture is actually from another person's blog.

As I set up my blog I kept thinking about the wise words of Bob Dunn(2011), “ Your blog is your house. And your visitors ring the doorbell with one question in mind: “Will I find what I need here?””. This quote is extremely important because it is a hundred percent true. When I go on someone’s blog the theme, header, colors, and font all give me that first impression of what type of blog it is. If I like the way the blog looks I am more inclined to keep scrolling through the content. I also like how Dunn related every aspect of a blog to the objects or rooms in a house. For example, the header of the blog is the same as the front door to a house because it lets you know what kind of blog it is. For my blog header this was probably the most difficult part of the entire assignment because I really wanted to find an image that describes me. The picture I chose for my header is a picture of flowers. I love nature and thought that this image was not only pretty but expressed that I like nature. The main rooms found in the house are the same as the navigation bar on your blog. When I set up each page of my navigation bar I made sure I put as much detail and personality to make it my own.

In addition to the Dunn reading, I found Gabriella Coleman’s article to be very interesting because of her points regarding the progression of crimes with technology. Prior to this reading I had never learned or even heard of “Phreaking” in which Coleman introduces in the beginning of the article. The story of the boy who figured out repeating a similar high pitch tone to end a phone call amazed me. Basically, a phreaker is the same as a hacker but with two different operating systems. However, Coleman does bring up a good argument if trolls are worthy of being held apart of the historical crimes with technology or not. I think that the crimes of trolling are more of an emotional aspect than the other two crimes of hacking and phreaking. I notice trolling occurring a lot with social media and I think it can be counted as a crime depending on the level of “trolling”. In other words, it is a crime but on a much smaller scale. What are your thoughts an opinions on this?